Built on Safety

"EurimPark" in the Berchtesgadener Land region was completed in 2010 and is one of the most modern production facilities for import pharmaceuticals in Europe. The flow of goods and hygiene concepts are very secure and can withstand any comparison in the European pharmaceutical field.

From the beginning, production- and logisticbuildings have been planned accordingly to a high-level material flow concept. The layout and size of the buildings match perfectly. Each product in the production process has its precisely determined place. In front of the production area is a central hygiene sluice, which all production employees must pass first. For cooling required pharmaceuticals there are four interconnected cold stores available that provide the cooling of temperature-sensitive goods. From delivery, to storage, throughout all the stations, cooling required pharmaceuticals never leave the cold chain. At the end of each processing step, the goods are repeatedly checked before getting released for the next processing stage. A validated warehouse management system and a verification in packaging make it possible to traced all stock movements at EurimPharm.

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