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Since imported pharmaceuticals are still relatively unknown to patients, questions frequently arise. We have summarized the answers to the most frequently asked questions:

Why are imported pharmaceuticals more favorably priced?

Anyone who has ever purchased pharmaceuticals at a pharmacy in Spain, France, Greece, or Italy and was pleased with the low prices knows that many branded pharmaceuticals are far less costly in other European countries than here in Germany, because as far as pharmaceutical prices are concerned, Germany ranks at the top within Europe. As an importer of pharmaceuticals, EurimPharm takes advantage of the price gap with other EU countries and offers many well-known branded pharmaceuticals at a much better price in Germany. Dispensing cost-effective import pharmaceuticals is required both by law as well as by health insurance providers to ensure lower prices and thus cost reductions for pharmaceuticals.


Do imported pharmaceuticals endanger jobs in Germany?

Imported pharmaceuticals change neither sales nor the associated production quantity of pharmaceuticals of the respective pharmaceutical companies. Imported pharmaceuticals pose no threat to German jobs.
On the contrary, pharmaceutical importers such as EurimPharm have created more than 3,000 jobs in Germany. The impact on the German labour market is therefore positive.



How does the legislature evaluate imported pharmaceuticals?

The legislature has recognized the opportunity for savings without compromising quality in patient care and requires pharmacies to dispense imported pharmaceuticals. Statutory health insurance providers have also contractually obligated pharmacies to operate accordingly.


Why do EurimPharm packages sometimes appear different from the usual pharmaceuticals?

Due to different rules for labeling of pharmaceutical products in the various EU countries as well as different packaging designs, the packaging of pharmaceuticals may appear different. However, EurimPharm is under obligation to adapt pharmaceuticals to German provisions, which the company adheres to by means of labels or new outer packaging. Regardless of a visual difference in packaging from the German product, you can still be sure that they always contain the same original branded pharmaceutical product in original quality.


Is there a less costly import pharmaceutical equivalent for every pharmaceutical product?

Although EurimPharm offers over 1,800 preparations and packaging versions, not every branded pharmaceutical product has a more cost-effective imported version. This is due in part to EurimPharm's focus on products that are subject to patent protection and for which no inexpensive alternatives containing the same active ingredient (generics) exist on the market. Please ask your physician or pharmacist whether the desired or prescribed medicine is available as an import pharmaceutical by EurimPharm.


How much can I save with EurimPharm import pharmaceuticals?

EurimPharm import pharmaceuticals offer savings of up to 30 percent compared to the same German preparations. These savings will benefit you directly or indirectly via your health insurance provider. If the cost-effective imported pharmaceuticals amount to between €50 and €100, your co-payment in the pharmacy is likewise reduced.



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