Benefits & savings

Physicians, pharmacists, and patients benefit from the EurimPharm import principle.

Advantages for pharmacies

By dispensing EurimPharm products, the pharmacy demonstrates its pharmaceutical responsibility: dispensing therapeutically identical pharmaceutical products - with a lower price.

Advantages for patients

With EurimPharm branded-pharmaceuticals patients obtain what they expect: identical quality at a better price: whether they pay themselve directly or through healthcare contribution.

Patients continue to receive their usual branded pharmaceuticals that are therapeutically identical. The high quality of EurimPharm import pharmaceuticals is already visible in its package design - in many cases easily recognizable and in German language only.

Advantages for physicians

Specifying “EurimPharm“ on the prescription when prescribing a branded pharmaceutical allows the physician to prescribe expensive patented products in a more cost-effective manner.

In some cases EurimPharm imported pharmaceuticals are priced even lower than corresponding generics.

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